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Thai Kun Wontons

  • Crispy pork wontons, pickled cabbage, boom sauce
  • $6

Grilled Bread with Peanut Curry Sauce

  • Grilled baguette from Easy Tiger served with Thai’s peanut curry sauce, ajaat salad (vegetatian).
  • $6

Thai-Kun Fried Chicken

  • Fried marinated chicken thigh, chicken fat rice, Boom sauce, cucumber
  • $10 (add soup + $2)

Cabbage Two Ways

  • Pickled cabbage served fried and raw tossed with Holy Basil, mint, cilantro, ginger, red onion cucumber, Boom sauce, garnished with green onion and peanuts (vegan & gluten free).
  • $7

Black Noodles

  • Rice stick noodles tossed in sweet dark soy and garlic oil, served with romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, celery, peanuts, pickled mustard greens, croutons, green onion, cilantro, lime (vegetarian - can be vegan / gluten free)
  • $8

Waterfall Pork

  • Pork shoulder grilled and sliced with Tiger Cry sauce, pickled cabbage, toasted rice powder, cilantro, red onion, sticky rice
  • $11

Khao Man Gai

  • Thai-style steamed chicken on chicken fat rice with chicken jus, cold cucumber, and fermented soybean sauce
  • $10

Fried Chicken Sando

crispy, spicy fried chicken thigh, coconut slaw, pickled mustard green, martins potato roll


  • Chicken Fat Rice - $2.50 (gluten free)
  • Jasmine rice, ginger, garlic, chicken fat

Chicken Jus - $2.00

Sticky Rice - $1.50 (vegan / gluten free)

Steamed Jasmine Rice - $1.50 (vegan / gluten free)