Thai - Kun @ ROCK ROSE




  • Mon-Thur: 11am- 9pm
  • Fri-Sat : 11am-10pm
  • Sun : 12-9pm


We are now offering the full menu all day and night!!

  • 🥬 = vegetarian or vegan options 🌶 = spicy



Mushroom Salad

🥬Yum spicy wood ear mushroom salad with peanuts $12


Chicken Skins (Limited Availability)

served with boom sauce


Chive Cake

  • 🥬 Steamed and fried garlic chive cake with serrano nam jim
  • $10

Corn Fritter

🥬 Crispy house-made corn fritters topped with crushed peanuts, served with boom sauce $8



  • 🌶 Green papaya, thai chili, green bean, peanuts, grape tomato
  • $10 add sticky rice $3


  • Tamarind chili wings
  • $14
Wonton 2.jpg


  • Fried pork wontons, pickled cabbage, boom sauce
  • $8



Pad Ma Khea (Eggplant)

🥬 Stir-fried Chinese eggplant, peppers, onions, thai basil, garlic, choice of ground pork or tofu, with jasmine rice $17


Pad Tua Hgok (Bean Sprouts)

🥬Wok seared beansprouts, garlic, thai chili, garlic chives, oyster sauce, choice of house cured bacon or tofu, with jasmine rice $16

Clay Pot

🥬 Bean thread noodles cooked in clay pot, prawns, pork, egg, yellow onion, shiitake mushrooms, celery $21 - available dine in only.

Broccoli Pork.jpg

Chinese Broccoli

  • 🥬 Stir fry Chinese broccoli, crispy house cured pork belly or tofu, jasmine rice
  • $17
Crab Fried Rice 1-square.jpg

Crab Rice

  • Crab fried rice, egg, cucumber, cilantro, green onion, nam phrik nam plaa
  • $22
Crispy Coco.jpg

Crispy Coco

  • 🥬 Crispy rice, coconut cream, serrano, cilantro, pickled cucumber, red onion & cabbage, silken tofu.
  • $16
  • Add Crab + $6

Green Curry

  • 🥬 House made green curry, chinese eggplant, red bell pepper, bamboo shoots, choice of chicken thigh or silken tofu, jasmine rice
  • $17
Fried Chicken.jpg

Thai Kun Fried Chicken

  • Our Signature Fried chicken thighs, cucumber, boom sauce, jasmine rice
  • $18


🌶 ground pork cooked with kaffir lime, thai chili, toasted rice powder, mint, red onion, served with cabbage, cucumber $18- add sticky rice $3



  • 🌶 House made, slow roasted short rib panang curry, jasmine rice
  • $20
  • Add fried egg + $2.00
Pad See Ew 4-square.jpg

Pad See Ew

  • Flat rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, sweet soy, & egg. Choice of pork or tofu
  • $17

Pad Ka Prow

  • 🌶 Ground pork, thai basil, serrano, garlic, thai chilis- with jasmine rice topped with a fried egg & nam phrik nam plaa
  • $17
PAd Thai.jpg

Pad Thai

  • Rice noodles, egg, sweet & sour sauce, garlic chive, bean sprout, peanuts, chili flake, lime. Choice of Shrimp or Tofu
  • $22
Gai Yang double-square.jpg

Roasted Chicken

  • Chef Thai's Roasted Half Chicken with boom sauce and nam jim jaew
  • (limited availability) $25

Waterfall Pork

  • 🌶 Pork jowl, cherry tomato, mint. red onion, cilantro, & tiger cry, pickled cabbage, cucumbers $18 add sticky rice $3



  • Thai Tea
  • Frescas
  • Topo Chico
  • Maine RootSodas


The “OG”

Old Forrester Rye, Greenbar Distillery Ginger Cordial, mint syrup, lemongrass lemonade

Thai Kun 'TKO'

Crusoe Organic Spiced Rum, Paula’s Texas Orange, turmeric syrup, pineapple & lemon

Rox Colada

Mango Rum, scratch made pina colada mix

Pink Sands Rita

Pineapple and Blackberry infused Azuna Blanco Tequila, thai chili infused lime juice

Lemongrass Lemonade

Waterloo No. 9 Gin, lemongrass syrup, fresh lemon, topo chico

The ‘Flirt’

Fidora Prosecco, house made Thai-Basil Ginger syrup infused with fresh lime, splash of Topo Chico

Pandan Mule

Pandan infused Austin Gin, Lemongrass lemonade, Maine Root Ginger Brew- A Thai Twist on a classic!

TK Old Fashioned

Thai Kun Bitters, Orange peel, sugar, choice of

Still Austin Bourbon, Mestizo Mezcal, or Suntory Toki Japanese Whiskey

Adult Thai Tea

you know it , you love it- Titos, Thai Tea, cream


Our boutique list features natural, organic, & biodynamic wines.

In essence- no additives, mostly vegan, using native yeasts, with deference to the land, ecosystem, and grapes.

Fidora Prosecco Italy 12/46

Bright, elegant, with golden apples, and white flowers

Oro Bello Chardonnay 2020 California 12/46

Creamy tropical fruit, meyer lemon, toasted oak finish

Christina Rose 2022 Austria 15/60

A succulent rose made from Zweigelt. Fresh watermelon, bright cherry, & a smooth, round finish.

Where’s Linus Sauvignon Blanc 2021 Lake County, California 13/52

Fresh green mango, cool summer breeze finish, a little tart & refreshing. This minimalist approach is a mouthwatering exploration of Sauv Blanc.

Bow & Arrow Pinot Noir 2021 Willamette, Oregon 16/64

Playful, tart red fruits dance about in a field of mossy earth in this elegant Pinot Noir. Beautifully aromatic and fresh this wine was made to drink now!

Ecstatic Truth ‘This Was’ Red Blend 2020 El Dorado, California 16/64

This experiment in letting wine just be fun & a living breathing experience produced a dark fruit, medium body, hint of leather wine made for creating memories.


  • D R A F T B E E R
  • (512) IPA
  • (512) Helles Lager
  • ABW ‘Pearl Snap”
  • Celis White
  • Family Business Brewing 'Hamilton Pale'
  • Hi-Sign Brewing Blueberry Blond
  • Independence Brewing Kolsch
  • Sapporo Lager
  • B O T T L E D B E E R
  • Chang
  • Singha
  • Kirin